You need to test, we're here to help.

You need to test, we're here to help.

12 July 2021

MAUI Studio Pro: Generating Waveforms

Figure 1: MAUI Studio Pro lets you generate
multiple waveform types from equation.
MAUI® Studio includes a simple waveform generator that enables you to create any of six standard waveforms or a DC current simply by enter a few waveform properties, such as frequency and amplitude. The waveforms are continuously generated and act like a live, repetitive waveform acquisition for simulation exercises. 

MAUI Studio Pro adds to that a true, arbitrary function generator. Numerous different waveform types can be generated from equation, and custom jitter/noise characteristics can be added to any generated waveform. 

Unlike waveforms from a true signal generator, these waveforms cannot be output to another instrument, like an oscilloscope. They cannot be "pushed" to an oscilloscope through remote control, they are only for use within MAUI Studio. However, they can certainly be used next to any acquired waveform, or used as the basis for making masks, building equalizers, "what if" eye diagramming and Pass/Fail testing, etc. 

The first thing to do if you wish to generate waveforms from equation, is to get the MAUI Studio and MAUI Studio Pro Instruction Manual. This explains the supported functions and arguments, and contains formulas for 33 different waveform types with usable example code.  

When using the Signal Generator dialog in MAUI Studio Pro, simply copy the example code and paste it into the Equation Editor window. Then, tweak it to your desired scale—instant waveform. You may have to trigger within MAUI Studio to start the waveform display.

Figure 2: Advanced DataSim ("JitSim") allows you to
configure custom noise/jitter characteristics on
signals generated in MAUI Studio Pro. 
Choose JitSim > Advanced DataSim to open a selection of dialogs for adding noise and jitter to the signal being configured. First choose whether the signal represents a clock, data or modulated signal type; the settings available to you will change depending on the type you have selected. There are tabs relevant to clock signals, data signals with different data patterns, PAM signals, etc. Select whatever characteristics you wish to modify. The effect on the source waveform should be immediately apparent within MAUI Studio Pro.

Learn more about the new features of MAUI Studio Pro in our on-demand webinar, "How to Use Oscilloscopes Remotely and Offline."

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