You need to test, we're here to help.

You need to test, we're here to help.

30 July 2014

Video: WaveSurfer 3000 and the MAUI User Interface

Oscilloscopes are often an engineer's best friend, but that can change depending on how easy or difficult a given instrument is to use. Sure, the oscilloscope's capabilities and technical specs are critical, but if the machine is difficult or non-intuitive to interact with, the user ends up wasting time figuring out what should be simple.

Here at Teledyne LeCroy, we spend a lot of time and energy on our oscilloscopes' user interface. User efficiency is very important to us and we think that's reflected in our MAUI user interface. In this video, Applications Engineer Jeff Krauss takes you through a brief tour of MAUI as it appears in our recently launched WaveSurfer 3000 oscilloscopes.

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